• Counseling Services

    The purpose of Counseling Services at York Technical College is to offer short-term counseling support to students of the College in a confidential and professional environment. The goal of offering counseling support is to optimize student success through managing personal and academic concerns that may otherwise interfere with one achieving their educational goals.

    Students are encouraged to explore the variety of services offered within Counseling Services to learn more about personal and academic counseling opportunities. 

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    Counseling and Support Services
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    Mon - Thurs: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Phone: (803) 327-8007
  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of counseling. Information shared during a counseling session is treated with respect and is protected by the professional ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This means that information disclosed to a counselor will not be shared with others. The only exceptions to this confidentiality policy are as follows:

    1. A counselor may consult with a colleague to plan and coordinate care.

    2. If you are likely to physically harm another person, counselors have a duty to warn that person and/or authorities.

    3. If you are likely to physically harm yourself, counselors must take steps to protect you and possibly contact others on your behalf.

    4. If you disclose information about abuse or neglect of a juvenile or disabled adult, counselors are required by state law to report this to the Department of Social Services.

    5. Counselors must testify or provide counseling records as part of a judicial proceeding if ordered to do so by a judge.

  • Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM)

    Students whose academic standing is Academic Probation or Academic Suspension must participate in a counseling session called Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM). In order to register for classes, students meet with an AIM counselor each semester while they work toward returning to Good Standing. Those who need to schedule an AIM appointment should take the following steps:

    1. Meet with an Academic Advisor within your program of study to obtain course recommendations for the next term of enrollment.

    2. Talk to a Financial Aid counselor to discuss availability of needed financial aid.

    3. Call (803) 327-8007 to schedule an AIM appointment.

    AIM counseling sessions are typically scheduled for times when class registration is underway. This allows the counselor to facilitate the AIM session and register a student for their classes during the same meeting. A typical AIM counseling session may last up to 45 minutes. For more information and explanations related to Academic Standing, please refer to the York Technical College Catalog & Handbook.
  • Personal Counseling

    Counseling Services provides short-term personal counseling for students who are experiencing a variety of concerns, completely free of charge. These services are intended to assess students’ well-being, offer appropriate tools for managing personal matters, and determine appropriate steps for ensuring their continued success.

    Referrals to Off-Campus Services

    Counseling Services is a wonderful place to begin receiving assistance and support. In some cases, students utilize Counseling Services to receive referrals to appropriate off-campus resources. Counselors will also recommend this referral process for concerns which warrant a more long-term counseling relationship.

    Counselors who offer personal counseling services hold a Master’s Degree in a human services field such as Counseling or Social Work. Counselors may also hold related credentials, such as certifications and licensure.

    Our staff is available to assist with a variety of concerns, including:

    • Stress and issues related to balancing school with other demands
    • Mental health concerns such as depression, chemical abuse/dependency, and eating disorders
    • Academic challenges, such as test-taking anxiety
    • Personal matters, such as parenting challenges, marriage/relationship issues, and grief
    • Managing personal crises and trauma


    Please call or visit our office to schedule an appointment with a Counselor within Counseling Services.

    Student Assistance Program

    Counseling services has partnered with McLaughlin Young Group to offer free, confidential counseling to York Technical College students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. York Technical College students can access a counselor at any time by calling 1-800-633-3353 or (704) 529-1428.

    The Student Assistance Program is another way that students may receive free counseling support for personal concerns. We hope you will take advantage of this resource!