YTC Organizational Chart

York Technical College Administration

Dr. Stacey Moore

Dr. Stacey Moore, President

Dr. Jamie Cooper

Dr. Jamie Cooper, EVP for Academic and Student Affairs

Derrick Bennett

Derrick Bennett, VP for Business Services

Koa Morgan

Koa Morgan, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

York Commission for Technical Education


Geri H. Rucker





Ms. Geri H. Rucker, Chair

Dr. A. Douglas Marion





Dr. A. Douglas Marion, Vice Chair




Bryce D. Barre

Mr. Bruce D. Barre

Hunter Faile

Ms. Hunter Faile

James Hardin III

Mr. James Hardin III


Charles Z. Robinson
Mr. Charles Z. Robinson

Jeff SigmonMr. Jeffrey C. Sigmon

Dr. Keith Wilks  Dr. Keith Wilks

Chad WilliamsMr. Chad Williams


The functions of the Commission are:

  • To approve and reaffirm the College Mission.

  • Examine College operations for financial stability.

  • To develop policies for local governance in compliance with all applicable state, federal, local laws, policies, regulations, rules, guidelines, and policies of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.


Governing Board Policies

York Commission for Technical Education (Governing Board) Bylaws