(Note: This section provides content for students who plan to enroll in York Tech's University Transfer program in order to transfer to a four-year university. Information for students transferring to York Tech from another college or university is available in the Admissions & Registration section of the website.)

University Transfer

York Technical College's University Transfer program gives you the opportunity to complete the first two years of your bachelor’s degree, conveniently and affordably. Students in this program earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree and are prepared for a smooth transition to a four-year college or university.

Many of the courses required for University Transfer can be taken through distance learning (including online courses) or at our off-campus centers in Chester and Lancaster counties.

York Tech has agreements directly with many colleges in South Carolina that allow for a seamless transition. By working closely with your University Transfer advisor to select the right courses, you can design an individualized program for transfer to the four-year college of your choice.

In addition to the convenience of taking classes close to home and on your schedule, the University Transfer program also means big savings. York Technical College’s tuition and fees are by far the lowest in the region. So if you want to earn a bachelor's degree but don’t want to break the bank to get it, attending York Tech for the first two years makes good sense.

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University Transfer Events

Are you planning to continue your education beyond York Tech? Representatives want to meet with you! Check out a listing of events to get connected.

Transfer Events - Fall 2023

Bridge Programs provide seamless transition

Bridge programs are agreements between technical colleges and four-year institutions to provide a seamless transition from one institution to the other. Program participants generally can transfer after completing what amounts to a full freshman year of college-level coursework and attaining the GPA required by the academic program at the college to which they are transferring.

Bridge programs are intended for first-time college attendees who are recent high school graduates. Students may participate in bridge programs in one of two ways: They are either invited to participate by the four-year college to which they applied, but were denied admission, or they apply to a technical college as a transfer student and identify themselves as desiring to participate in one of the college's bridge programs.


Bridge Programs Available at York Tech

University of South Carolina

Winthrop University


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