With an ever changing economy, it is essential to find the right employee with the right skills. Workforce Solutions offers a variety of valuable resources to help employers connect with qualified job candidates, including CareerLink (our electronic job posting system), on-campus recruiting events, and an annual career fair. 

For information about our internship and apprenticeship programs, visit our Work-based Learning webpage.

Since the Workforce Solutions office exists only as a service to employers in their recruiting efforts, any York Technical College candidate applying for a position is not indicated as a direct recommendation from Workforce Solutions for employment. Employers are responsible for all necessary precautions when interviewing candidates, and for checking the credentials and qualifications of candidates.


CareerLink - Job Portal

York Tech's electronic job posting database system for students, alumni, and employers.

On-Campus Recruiting Information for Employers

  • To host an individual on-campus recruiting event, contact the Workforce Solutions office at workforcesolutions@yorktech.edu

  • The date and time of the event will be cleared through the appropriate channels by the Workforce Solutions office to ensure that other campus activities will not conflict with the event.

  • We recommend that the event be scheduled between the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • There is no fee for an on-campus recruiting event and the event includes the following:
    • rental of space and a 6 foot table 
    • unlimited number of chairs 
    • company sign for table, if needed 
    • name tags, if needed 
    • tablecloth, if needed 

  • Items allowed during the event include a display or sign, as well as any literature, brochures, business cards, employment applications, electronic equipment, or promotional items.

  • Notices will be put up informing students of the event. A pre-registration student sign-up sheet is available if the company chooses.

  • The company must follow up with any candidate directly. Interviews can be set up at the company office or the use of our facility is available upon request. 
  • A Confirmation Notice confirming the details of the event will be sent to the company representative and, upon arrival, a Campus Guidelines Agreement will need to be signed.


Career Fair Information for Employers

To participate in an opportunity to speak with over 250 students and graduates about career opportunities, plan to attend our annual career fair. The career fair is designed for employers wishing to employ and recruit students and graduates from our Business Computer Arts & Sciences Division, Industrial and Engineering Technologies Division, and Health and Human Services Division.        

Tips for a successful career fair:



Establish Goals

  • Determine what positions are available.
  • Gain recognition or improve your image.
  • Advise students on steps to success and career tips. 


  • Items to bring (i.e. display, brochures, business cards, applications, promotional items.)
  • Have something or someone to help carry your display items.


Utilize set-up times

  • Arrive during the display set-up time.
  • Organize your booth and display handouts.
  • Place items that you do not want to give away out of sight.

Appearance of display

  • The display should convey a clear description of the nature of your company.
  • Have company’s telephone number and website information available. 

Exhibit staff

  • Wear name tags and keep table occupied by a representative. 
  • Commit to participating until the end to allow students with varied schedules to participate.
  • Ask questions that may spark a conversation (i.e. What type of position are you looking for?) 
  • Plan how you will separate potential employees:
         1. Have a sign in sheet available for students who do not have resumes.
         2. Make comments on the backs of resumes.
         3. Have two resume stacks (qualified/unqualified) or place a checkmark on those qualified.


Follow up with students/graduates

  • Determine when/how you will follow up to eliminate unnecessary calling.
         1. Follow up with potential candidates within 48 hours.
         2. Mark your calendars to follow up within one week.
         3. Designate one person to mail or e-mail follow-ups.


  • Fill out evaluations and make comments/suggestions; this allows us to make each event more successful.