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Transfer Credit Policies

Students planning to transfer credit from York Technical College to other post-secondary institutions are responsible for confirming the transferability of courses with those institutions.

Students planning to transfer courses from other post-secondary institutions to York Technical College must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students must have official transcripts of completed courses from post-secondary institutions attended sent to the College.

  • Course credit must have been earned at a post-secondary institution accredited at the college level by a nationally recognized regional accrediting agency or by a nationally recognized health accrediting agency for hospital-based transfer credit. Coursework completed at either hospital or college-sponsored accredited radiologic technology programs that are recognized by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology is eligible for consideration.

  • To receive transfer credit in a program, a course must be required or approved as an elective in the curriculum being entered.

  • A grade of "C" or better must have been earned in each course to be considered for transfer.

  • Course credits being transferred must have been earned within the last 12 years unless a degree or diploma was earned. Shorter course eligibility time limits may apply to selected courses in certain programs.  

  • Credit for the courses to be transferred must show on an official transcript from the granting institution.

  • Credits transferred from other institutions may not exceed 75 percent of the total credits required by York Technical College for graduation.

  • Courses transferred into a curriculum must have equivalent or greater credits and be comparable to York Technical College courses which are required or approved as electives in the curriculum. These courses will be assigned a grade of  "TR" and will not be calculated in the grade-point ratio (GPR.)

New students eligible to receive transfer credit must enroll within two semesters of the time the credit is approved. Currently enrolled or former students may transfer credit back to York Technical College to graduate as long as the Transfer Credit and graduation guidelines are met.

Articulation Agreements and/or Bridge Programs

York Technical College has articulation agreements and/or Bridge programs with the following institutions: Winthrop University, University of South Carolina, Lander University, and Columbia College.  

State-wide Transfer Agreements

The Commission on Higher Education for the State of South Carolina coordinates postsecondary education in public-supported institutions, including policies and procedures for students and their course credits transferring among these institutions. The Commission has established transfer policies and procedures which all public institutions must follow. The Commission as established a list of technical college courses which are universally accepted by South Carolina's state-supported colleges and universities. Students should work with the University Transfer advisor and consult the college to which they plan to transfer for information regarding course equivalencies and transferability towards specific programs.