Key Dates for Fall Semester 2023

Monday, August 14: Fall Semester Classes Begin
Monday, September 4: Labor Day - College Closed
October 5-6: Faculty Work Days - No Credit Classes
November 22: No Credit Classes
November 23-24: Thanksgiving Holidays - College Closed
Wednesday, December 6: Fall Classes End
December 7-19: Faculty Work Days
December 20 - January 2: Winter Break - College Closed

Fall 2023 Registration Calendar

23-24 Academic Calendar

2023-24 Academic Calendar

Note: Off-campus classes and district high schools will meet each semester according to the schedule of the individual school districts

Fall 2023 Classes Begin: 16-Week and 1st 8-Week Sessions


Labor Day 2023: College Closed


Fall 2023 1st 4-Week Courses Begin


Faculty Work Days: No Credit Classes


Fall 2023: 2nd 8-Week Sessions Begins


Chester Center Open House


Fall 2022 Open House


Fall Break 2023: No Credit Classes


Thanksgiving 2023: College Closed


Fall 2023 Classes End


Wintermester 2023 Begins


Winter Break 2023 - College Closed


Wintermester 2023 Ends


Spring 2024 Classes Begin: 16-Week Session and 1st 8-Week Session


MLK Day 2024: College Closed


Spring 2024: 1st 4-Week Term Begins


Professional Development: No Credit Classes


Spring 2024: 1st 8-Week and 1st 4-Week Terms End


March 04 - 05                                                  Faculty Work Days: No Credit Classes
Spring 2024: 2nd 8-Week Term Begins


Spring Break 2024: No Credit Classes


Spring 2024: 2nd 4-Week Term Begins


Spring 2024 Classes End


IET and WED Divisions: 2024 Commencement Ceremony


Health and Human Services Division 2024 Commencement Ceremony


Business, Computers, Arts & Sciences Division 2024 Commencement Ceremony


Summer 2024 Classes Begin: 10-Week, 8-Week and 1st 4-Week Sessions Begins


Memorial Day 2024: No Credit Classes


Summer Break 2024: No Credit Classes


Independence Day 2024: College Closed


Summer 2024 Classes End