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York Technical College Offering FAFSA Frenzy Sessions

Oct 1, 2023news

FAFSA Frenzy Graphic

At York Technical College, we make it easy for you to get an education and upgrade your future.  We’ll be there for you from the day you start your application to the day you get your dream job. Attend a 30 minute FAFSA Frenzy session where we’ll help you fill out your FAFSA Application.  Dates are scheduled through the rest of the fall semester. 

Students should bring 2021 tax information for themselves and parents.

Dates, times and locations for the fall are listed below:

Oct 17th - J-400 1-4pm
Oct 20th - J-400 9am-12pm
Oct 23rd - J-400 1-4pm
Oct 25th - J-400 9am-12pm
Oct 31st - J-400 1-4pm
Nov 3rd - J-400 9am-12pm
Nov 8th - J-400 1-4pm
Nov 9th - J-400 9am-12pm
Nov 13th - J-400 1-4pm
Nov 17th - J-400 9am-12pm
Nov 21st - J-400 1-4pm
Nov 29th - J-400 9am-12pm
Nov 30th - J-400 1-4pm
Dec 5th - J-400 9am-12pm