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Express Lane System

York Tech is pleased to introduce Express Lane, a new virtual reservation system to help you manage your time and get faster, more efficient help for common student questions and concerns.

With Express Lane, you can make appointments via the Internet, or by text, without having to wait in line in Student Services. You can make an appointment from anywhere, and receive reminders when it's time for your meeting!

The following offices in Student Services use Express Lane to manage student appointments:

  • Enrollment Services (Admissions)

  • Financial Aid

  • Registrar's Office (request transcripts, change contact

    information, apply to graduate)

  • Counseling Services

  • Career Resources

  • Veterans' Services

  • Special/Disability Services

Using Express Lane

Express Lane is designed to be used on a mobile device, although you can also use a desktop computer.

To get started, click the Express Lane button on this page. The program will open in a new window. Then click the screen to begin. You will be prompted to enter your cell phone number and then your name. (Note: If you do not have a cell phone, you can enter the virtual line by using the iPads in the Student Services lobby.)

When prompted, select the office you want to meet with (see the types and details above). Once you select your queue, you may see a list of additional choices. Check the one that best fits your issue, or select “other.”

Once you have entered a line you will receive a text with an estimated time to be seen.

  • If this estimation does not work with your schedule, you can text “M” to request to be seen later.

  • You can select a specific amount of extra time by adding the additional minutes after the "M" - for example, a text of “M20” moves you back 20 minutes.

Approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time, you'll receive a text reminder from the reservation system.

Other available codes include:

  • Get a status anytime by texting "S"
  • Leave the line by texting "L"
  • Re-enter the line within 30 minutes of leaving line by texting "J"
  • Get help by texting "H"