York Technical College uses EdReady to help determine a student’s educational needs. EdReady is a placement method that helps with placing you into the appropriate Math and/or English course.

Complete the EdReady assessment in the designated subject. Once completed, your score will be reviewed and you will be placed into the appropriate Math and/or English.

To Complete EdReady for course placement

Login into D2L and Self Register for the placement course.  Additional guidance may be found by accessing Self Registration in D2L courses

If you need assistance email YTCplacement@yorktech.edu

Accommodation Requests

If you have a documented disability and wish to request accommodations for testing, please reach out to Counseling and Support Services, prior to testing.

Contact Information: CASS@yorktech.edu or call (803) 327-8007.


EdReady does not require a Proctor. However, consideration will be given to students in the event they are unable to find a quiet place with reliable internet access. For questions regarding in-person testing, please contact the Assessment Center by phone or email at (803) 981-7176 or assessmentcenter@yorktech.edu

Need Help?

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Assessment Center - Main Campus

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Phone: (803) 981-7176