• Accepting Your Award

    You must accept your awards in WebAdvisor on or before the payment deadline for the amounts to be posted to your account toward payment of tuition/fees. In addition, you must pay any balance due in the Business Office before the payment deadline to hold your class schedule. 

  • How to Accept Your Award

    Login with your username and password. Your WebAdvisor username is the 1st letter of your first name, full last name, plus the last four digits of your Student ID Number.

    • For example, a student with the name Jane Harris and a Student Id number of 0249985 would have the following username: jharris9985.
    • If you are logging in for the first time, the WebAdvisor password is your birthday. For example November 9, 1986 would be: 110986. After that, you will be prompted to change the password from your birthday by creating a new password and when logging in this new password should be used.

    • If by using the correct Student ID and password combination you are still unable to access your account information, please call the Help Desk.

    Click on the Students menu

    • Find the Financial Aid category (on the left side of the screen.)
    • Click on "My Financial Aid"
    • Click on "Financial Aid"
    • Review and accept Financial Aid Awards.” 

    Click on the drop down menu beside the box labeled “Action to Take on All,” then select “Accept All Awards.” 

    • If no funds are listed, go to My Documents (located above Accept or Reject award) and check if you are missing any documents. 
    • If you are missing documents, it will take two to three weeks to process the paperwork once you have turned it into the proper person. 

      To finish, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click submit.

      • All awards that had “estimated” beside them should have now changed to “accepted” for all terms. Click on “OK” to exit.

      • Your awards have now been accepted and will be automatically applied towards your tuition.

      • Awards listed as “Pending” require a certification form that must be submitted to the Financial Aid office in order for the award to be applied towards your tuition. These forms are available in the Forms and Resources section of the Financial Aid website, or you can request a form from a member of the Financial Aid staff. 

        The following awards require a paper certification in order to be accepted and will display as “Pending” until the certification is received: 

        • SCNBG- South Carolina Need Based Grant
        • Life Scholarship

        ***If you have questions about this process or need assistance, please stop by or call the Financial Aid Office.