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Business Administration

Business Administration

Earn Your Business Credential at York Technical College

Are you a problem-solver? An innovative, critical thinker? Or maybe you're a natural leader looking to harness the skills you already have to succeed in a career in the world of business. Either way, you're at the right place.

The Business Administration Department at York Technical College can transform you into the business professional you want to become. We offer programs and associate degrees in areas such as Accounting, Administrative Office Technology, General Business, Management,  Paralegal, or Supply Chain Management, as well as certificates in Accounting Clerk, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial, Human Resource Management Specialist, Medical Administrative Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Application Professional, or Payroll / Income Tax.

You've got the potential. We've got the skills to unlock it. Let's make this happen.

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Let's Get Down to Business

In your program, you'll discover the knowledge and theory you need to make smart financial decisions, analyze important data, and lead your future professional team to success. You'll learn from knowledgeable instructors who will take the time to get to know you, investing the time and individualized attention needed to help you excel in the classroom.

You'll be empowered with not only the knowledge and skills you need to earn your business credentials, but you'll be connected through your department with opportunities to network and intern at a wide range of growing companies. Through these experiential learning opportunities, you'll craft a solid resume that reflects all that you have to offer and that demonstrates your ability to put theory into practice. 

To accommodate your individual learning needs, the Business Administration Department offers courses with flexible times and dates, even extending office hours to the evening so you can ask important questions outside of the classroom.

Program Options

If you choose to complete the two-year Accounting Degree, the Accounting Clerk Certificate, or the Payroll / Income Tax Certificate, you may even be eligible to become certified by taking the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) certification exams, the Accreditation Council for Accountancy (ACAT) certification examinations, or the America Payroll Associations (APA) payroll certification exam. However, the availability and costs of certification exams vary based on the degree/certification achieved.