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York Technical Colleges Announces Dual Enrollment $0 Tuition for Home and Private School Students

York Technical Colleges Announces Dual Enrollment $0 Tuition for Home and Private School Students

Mar 14, 2024

High School Students working on a projectYork Technical College takes pride in providing a high-quality education for all while maintaining the lowest prices in the region. For students looking to attend college while in high school, saving money on college just became easier. We are pleased to announce for the 2024-2025 academic year, non-district sponsored dual enrollment students will pay $0 in tuition and instructional fees.

In the past, non-district sponsored students would be required to pay tuition, instructional fees, and textbook and course material fees. For the 24-25 year, families will only be responsible for textbook and course material fees (ranging from $63 to $153 for most courses) This change will bring thousands of dollars in savings to families across our region.

Who is included in "non-district sponsored"? 

  • Homeschool students
  • Private school students
  • Any other students not sponsored by their district

Why Dual Enrollment?

The answer is simple. dual enrollment students save an estimated average of $22,000 on their education. While most high school students are focusing exclusively on earning a diploma, dual enrollment students are earning college credit, with most earning their associate degree before they graduate high school. For students who plan to attend a four year university, they have a two year head start and two years of savings, all while gaining early exposure to the pacing and rigor you can expect from a university. Furthermore, dual enrollment courses are weighted higher than normal high school courses, allowing students a more impressive GPA when applying to four year universities.

While transferring to a university is a great path to take, not all dual enrollment students have the same goals. That's why students can enroll in any of our technical programs, earning a degree or certificate in a high-demand field, and guaranteeing a high paying job upon graduation.

Lastly, dual enrollment students gain access to all York Technical College resources including free tutoring, clubs and organizations, and state-of-the-art facilities like the Anne Springs Close Learning Commons.

Discover Dual Enrollment Opportunities