• Academic Advising 

    Academic advising at York Technical College is a shared relationship between you and your advisor that will help you have a successful experience at the college. Your academic advisor will assist you in developing and adapting an educational plan that matches your life goals from the time you are accepted into a program, through graduation.

    The Academic & Career Advising Center integrates academic advising with a strong career development focus. It serves as a centralized area to provide support and clear direction to students transitioning from one program to another. Visit the Advising Center for career counseling, program changes, and general assistance related to your academic success.

    Contacting Your Advisor

    You can find the name and contact information for your academic advisor by logging into Navigate. You will find your advisor info under Resources - People.

    Your Program of Study and Completion Plan

    The College Catalog is the official source of information on academic programs at York Technical College. Please refer to the Catalog for the year in which you were admitted to the College.

    Before meeting with your academic advisor, we recommend that you read the Advising Syllabus. For your program of study, please review the Completion Plan/Suggested Plan of Study that corresponds to the catalog year you were admitted. Having this document with you during your appointment will ensure that you are registering for the right courses and continuing on the right path to completion of your program.

    English and Math Placement

    Your Math and English placement depend on the scores of your college entrance exams.

    Placement Chart 

    Placement Pathway

    Registering for Classes

    York Tech students register for classes using WebAdvisor. If you need access to a computer, an Open Computer Lab is located in A-208.

    Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

    1. Log into WebAdvisor.

    2. Click on Students.

    3. Under Registration, click on Register for Sections.

    4. Find the courses for registration by clicking on Search and register for sections and click OK.

    5. Choose the term, the prefix of the course you want and the course number. Click Submit.

    6. Put a check beside the sections that you are considering. Make sure the section is not closed.

    7. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.

    8. Choose which sections you want by selecting either Register or Remove from List in the left-hand drop down box. (Note: You do not need to register for the courses until you have all the possible courses on your screen. This will allow you to better plan your schedule.)

    9. Click Submit.

    10. Repeat the process for each of the courses for which you wish to register. The screen will display your registration results.

    11. Click OK.

    *Remember to review and print your schedule to make sure it is correct!