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Support Students Through the York Technical College Foundation

At York Technical College, we're committed to providing our students with a top-tier education and powerful career training tools at an affordable cost. Part of what makes a York Tech educational experience so accessible is the variety of financial aid resources from the York Technical College Foundation—a not-for-profit foundation organized under South Carolina law, separate from the College. 

The York Technical College Foundation assists students with more than just tuition. Donations are used to recognize outstanding scholarship, leadership, special achievement, and teaching, as well as for the development of special academic programs, facilities, and for support of immediate needs and opportunities for the College as they arise.

Additionally, the Foundation supports programs and activities at York Tech to promote College goals and objectives, from garnering the attention of people who may be interested in enrolling at the College to connecting our current students with academic tools and supplies needed to enhance their learning experience to reach their long-term goals. 

Make a Donation to the York Technical College Foundation

Want to empower the next generation of learners, faculty, and staff at York Tech?

Gifts to the York Technical College Foundation may be made in several ways, to provide generous support for educational opportunities, and can usually be arranged to achieve maximum tax benefits for the donor. Contributions may be made by gifts of cash, real or personal property, securities by the provision of a will, by gifts of insurance policies, or by the establishment of trusts. Gifts may be awarded for specific purposes or given without restriction.

Make a Gift Donation to Support York Tech!
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Meet the York Technical College Foundation Board of Directors

Each member of the York Technical College Foundation Board of Directors represents positive leadership and community influence. The following members have not only expressed an interest in helping uplift the students and faculty at York Tech but have demonstrated a commitment to making York Technical College an excellent place to learn: 

Foundation Board of Directors  
Gregory Austin, Immediate Past President Mark Nosacka
Lori Dominguez, DDS Al Reid
Porter Gable Tisha Poteat, Executive Director
Lauren Griffith, President Andy Shene, Treasurer
Danielle Henderson Jeff Sigmon
Rick Jiran Terrence Nealy, Vice President
Stacey Moore, Ph.D. David Williams
Nicki Nash