Fast Track to Winthrop

Fast Track to Winthrop is a new program between Winthrop University and York Technical College. It will allow dual enrollment students to easily transition into their respective major at Winthrop and complete their bachelor's degree in record time by providing an academic pathway from York Technical College to Winthrop for the program of their choice. 

Read on to learn more about this Dual Enrollment option and how to get started.

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Additional Information

The pathways developed for Fast Track to Winthrop include programs in the following areas:

  1. Arts, Language and Communication
  2. Business and Management 
  3. Society and Politics
  4. Science and Health

The guided pathways also include an on-ramp process to clarify a student's college and career goals and embed advisement, academic support and feedback on student progress throughout their educational path.

For the students who are ready to get started, the simple process is:

  1. Interested students apply to York Tech’s dual enrollment program.
  2. They select their program of interest at Winthrop.
  3. They work with an advisor at Winthrop to register for the necessary classes.
  4. Once they complete those classes, they finish their last two years at Winthrop.

Questions for Winthrop? Contact their Admissions Team at: or (803) 323-2191.

Winthrop has their own informative page regarding the Fast Track Program that can be found here.

An example: a student wants to pursue a business degree with an accounting concentration. The Business and Management guided pathway lists every course the student could take in his or her time at York Tech that will seamlessly transfer to Winthrop when the student is ready to start their bachelor’s degree.

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