• Strategic Communications & Marketing

    The Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing (SCM) is responsible for developing creative, cost-effective marketing and communications strategies that support and promote the College’s mission, vision, and brand. We are also the central point of contact for the media and serve as the public voice of York Tech.

    To maintain the integrity of the College brand and its reputation in the community, all print promotional material, logoed giveaway items, and external communications, whether produced by the SCM team or another entity, must be approved by the Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing prior to distribution.                    

  • Contact Info

    Strategic Communications & Marketing
    Administration Building (AD)
    Rooms 40-46
  • Areas of Expertise

    The SCM team provides expertise in areas key to the College’s success:

    • Marketing and brand management 
    • Enrollment support, in partnership with Enrollment Services
    • Media/public relations
    • Communications counsel, including crisis communications

    • Social media, including direct management of the College’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and oversight of the social-media presence of other campus entities

    • Advertising
    • Approval of YTC-branded promotional items
    • Publications and creative services/graphic design
    • Website administration and design
  • Engaging the SCM Team

    Our process is based on partnership. We collaborate with offices, departments, and programs across campus to understand their challenges, opportunities, and audiences.

    We can help you define your messages and the value you bring to the people you serve. Then, we mix it all together with a dash of (brand-centric!) color, style, and smarts to create the tactics and products that will help you meet your goals.

    Whenever possible, we’d like to start with a consultation. Rather than focusing first on the end product or the next event, we need to understand the big picture of the programs or services you offer and the people you reach. From there, together we can determine the best tactics and timeline for a particular project and can complete the appropriate project request forms.

    How To Initiate a Project

    We utilize project request forms to track our workflow and provide proactive client service. Complete the appropriate online form below to facilitate your request.

  • Communications & News Request

    Request for SCM team to post information on social media page; request media notification of an event/announcement.
  • Marketing Project Request

    Request for SCM team consultation to support the marketing goals of a department, program or initiative.
  • Event Support Request

    Request for logoed giveaway items and/or the use of branded event materials such as tablecloths and signage.
  • Report a Website Error/Update

    Report a website error/update needed on the YTC website. Please provide as much detail as possible for a prompt resolution.