York Technical College is committed to maximizing student success by managing personal and academic concerns that may interfere with students achieving their educational goals.

Counseling Services at York Tech offers support to students in a confidential and professional environment, working with students to understand their academic status and develop a plan for success. Students facing personal matters can discuss their concerns with a member of the College's trained counseling staff to receive guidance and support. As needed, counselors also can refer students to community agencies for assistance. York Tech also offers the Student Assistance program, a free service that allows students a limited number of free visits with a counselor off-campus.

The Student Engagement component of Counseling and Support Services strives to connect students with appropriate opportunities to interact with other students, and college personnel, in order to positively impact student success.

The Special Resources Office coordinates services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities, including but not limited to physical, learning, and psychological disabilities. These services provide equal educational opportunities to students by minimizing the impact of functional limitations on their academic lives.

The Student Success Center has programs such as the PROMISE Program to support targeted student populations.