• Special Resources Office

    Welcome to the Student Resources Office at York Technical College.

    The purpose of the Special Resources Office (SRO) is to provide accessible, relevant, and high quality services to students with disabilities. The SRO provides opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and ability levels to acquire or upgrade the knowledge and skills offered through York Technical College programs.

    Students with disabilities are served in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

    Phone: 803-327-8007 

    The SRO coordinates services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities. These services provide equal educational opportunities to students by minimizing the impact of functional limitations on academic pursuits. Students seeking services and accommodations must:

    • self-identify at the SRO
    • provide appropriate documentation of disability
    • specify accommodation needs and requests

    An "information packet" of intake materials is available in the SRO and as a link below. 

    After review of documentation and an intake interview with the student, reasonable adjustments (accommodations) are determined. Adjustments will be flexible, meeting the needs of various disabilities, and are consistent with the documentation provided, without fundamentally altering the academic standards of the course/program. 


    SRO Intake Form

    SRO Student Information

    Authorization to Administer the Test with Accommodations

    Differences between High School and College 

    WHAT the student resources office (sro) does

    • Part of the SRO's role is to empower students. The goal is always to help students be independent and take control of their own lives

    • While it is the student's right and responsibility to work with faculty to set up academic adjustments/auxiliary aids, it is the SRO's responsibility to assure that the appropriate academic adjustments/auxiliary aids are provided for students who register with the SRO. Student requests need to be made in a timely manner and must be reasonable, i.e. do not give an advantage but only an equal chance at success

    • It is important to remember that academic adjustments/auxiliary aids cannot: result in fundamental alterations, or cause undue administrative burden or substantially modify program requirements

    • The SRO exists to ensure that no student is discriminated against by the institution on the basis of disability. It is the institution's legal obligation and mission to determine and to provide, upon request by the student with appropriate backup documentation, appropriate academic adjustments/auxiliary aids to ensure that the student has an equal chance at success

    • The SRO's role is to ensure that other campus offices are prepared to serve students with disabilities

    • It is the SRO's role to protect the student's right to confidentiality. Specific information about student's disability will not be given out by the SRO without a written consent for release by the student

    • Clear procedures are established through the SRO for documentation of disabilities and arrangement of academic adjustments/auxiliary aids. Students may choose not to access these services 

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    Documentation of disability is written proof that a disability exists from a qualified professional. Documentation is necessary because it provides the basis for which the SRO determines appropriate accommodations.


    Documentation can come from a variety of sources. Some common sources are:

    • The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) 
    • School District or School Counseling Office 
    • Private physicians; licensed psychologists 
    • Veterans Administration 
    • Other offices serving students with disabilities at other colleges/universities where you have received services