• Professional Development Program

    The purpose of the Professional Development Program is to provide a systematic approach to professional development for faculty and staff which will promote excellence in instructional programs resulting in student enrollment, retention, placement, and compliance with accreditation standards.

    This supports the College mission to provide accessible, relevant, and high-quality education.

  • Goals

    The PRIMARY GOAL of the Professional Development Program is to implement a program which supports faculty and staff development activities by:

    • Providing opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops, and other professional activities to upgrade knowledge and skills and to improve the effectiveness of the institution.

    • Providing opportunities to "return to university" to increase expertise in the professional field.

    • Providing opportunities to "return to industry" to gain state-of-the-art experiences by working on site in business and industry.


    • Disseminate in a timely manner information relating to professional development.

    • Develop and implement an institutional professional development master plan and schedule to address college-wide needs for all employees.

    • Review and evaluate applications submitted in the project cycles.

    • Review and evaluate internal course requests.

    • Recommend project and internal course requests for funding to the President.

    • Suggest further action for proposals not funded.

    • Distribute award letters and serve as a contact for project follow-up and evaluation of individual projects according to PDC guidelines.