York Technical College’s Institute for Teaching Excellence has received the Association for Talent Development Award for 2022. The ATD BEST Awards recognizes different organizations that demonstrate a wide range of success in talent development. The College is committed to building our community by continually maximizing talent and professional development.

The ATD BEST Awards winners include various organizations like not-for-profit, small, large, private, and public organizations worldwide. To qualify for this award, organizations must demonstrate excellence in talent development, employee learning opportunities, organizational performance, and more. The ATD BEST Awards were established in 2003, and fellow ATD 2022 winners include Walmart, IBM, and the American Cancer Society. It’s an honor for York Tech’s Institute for Teaching Excellence to have obtained this award with so many organizations.

Douglas Black Jr., Faculty Training Coordinator Institute for Teaching Excellence at York Tech, teaches faculty training online. “The most important part of my job is exposing faculty to new training techniques and training faculty in using the plethora of educational technologies available today.” The College recognizes that student success is not possible without professional, trained, and exemplary faculty and staff that uphold the values of the College and enforce the expectations of academic success. The talent development team ensures all faculty members represent the mission and values of the organization.

Congratulations, Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall, Ms. Krista Rinehart, Ms. Denise Smith, Ms. Shelley Myers, and the entire team on a job well done.