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York Technical College Graduates First Cohort from the Chester Dual Enrollment Program

Eight high school students earned three college credentials each before earning their high school diploma.

York Technical College graduated its first class from its manufacturing dual enrollment program, a collaborative partnership with Chester County School District. At the College’s graduation ceremony on May 9, eight students earned a Certificate in Basic Electricity, Motors and Controls, and Programmable Controllers, a credential that is in high demand by regional employers.  These students will also earn their high school diploma at their upcoming graduations.

“These students earned three college credentials before graduating high school,” said Stacey Moore, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at the College. “ This is an exceptional accomplishment for anyone, but especially a high school student.”

The College also held a special ceremony for the dual enrollment program graduates at its Chester Center on May 17.  During the ceremony, Karlisa Dean, Director of Chester County Economic Development congratulated the students on their milestone achievement.  Dean shared that the State of South Carolina recently conducted a workforce development study which indicated that the majority of the jobs over the next five years in the state will require workers who have earned more than a high school diploma, but not a four-year baccalaureate degree.

The 2017 cohort graduates are:

Alexander Blanchett, Great Falls High;

Luke Blanchett, Chester High School;

Drake Dixon, Great Falls High; 

Cole Jordan, Great Falls High;

Luke Spires, Great Falls High;

Austin Smith, Lewisville High;

Justin Williams; Lewisville High; and

Jacob Taylor; Great Falls High.

Dual enrollment opportunities offered at the Chester Center include the Industrial Maintenance Technology and University Transfer programs. Students participating in the dual enrollment program are one step closer to earning a college degree.  The programs offered through the partnership have high appeal because of the high job placement rates and careers with excellent salaries. Should they choose to, dual enrollment program completers can attend York Tech and complete their degree in just one year after high school graduation.  “We are pleased that these graduates will enroll at York Tech this fall to complete their degree in highly marketable and high demand careers,” shared Moore. 

The partnership with Chester County Schools is one of the many collaborative efforts the College has to support meeting the growing workforce demands of its service area.


The partnership with Chester County Schools is one of the many collaborative efforts the College has to support meeting the growing workforce demands of its service area.

Graduates pose with their instructor immediately following the ceremony.

Pictured from left to right: Luke Spires, Austin Smith, Alexander Blanchett, Joseph Peyton (Instructor), Justin Williams, Drake Dixon.

Credit: Chester County Facebook