Summer immersion program for K12 faculty

York Technical College in partnership with the Rock Hill School District and STEM created a summer immersion program for K12 faculty into STEM careers this summer. Approximately one hundred K12 faculty participated in interactive STEM lessons lead by York Tech industrial, engineering, health and human services, computer, business, mathematics and science faculty.

This summer, K12 faculty from the Rock Hill School District had the opportunity to partake in “hands on” professional development at York Technical College’s main campus in Rock Hill. York Tech faculty and staff held classes and workshops centered around STEM-related subject matter to showcase programs and classes offered.

The K12 Teacher STEM Summer Immersion program was held during the weeks of June 13 – 16 and July 25 – 28.  Topics included: Building Construction Trades – Thermal Imaging, Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Engineering Technology, Advanced Manufacturing – Machine Tool Technology and Engineering Applications, Dental Hygiene, Criminal Justice – Accident Reconstruction, Industrial Engineering Technology: Mechatronics, and Automotive Air Conditioning Diagnosis.

K12Stem“This experience has helped give me examples of real world math problems that I could use and my students could apply.  I’m also planning to bring my classes to York Tech in January to go for a tour,” stated Joyce Cooper, who works with Exceptional Students at Rawlinson Road Middle School, when asked how this experience will aid in creating lesson plans.

York Tech was excited to host this professional development event to foster the connection between the College and K12 faculty in our area.  The various School District staff were able to further develop their understanding of STEM careers and create applicable lesson plans to meet South Carolina K12 teaching standards.

Kimberly Massey, Rock Hill School District’s K12 Science Specialist, found this event to be highly beneficial and would recommend it to others.  She says, “I feel like, in a way, all of our teachers need to experience this because we talk so much about when you go to college, or when you go

out into the real world. Many teachers have not had the opportunity to work in other capacities.  I think it’s important for them to see what is out there because all of their students are not going to become teachers. So, we need for our teachers to actually know and experience some of what exists as possibilities for their students.”

For more information about this event or future K12 STEM events, please contact John McGill at 803-981-7329.