York Technical College Foundation was awarded $50,000 from the Merancas Foundation to support unplanned direct student needs that may prevent students from continuing their education at a community college.

The $50,000 awarded from the Merancas Foundation will be used to establish the Merancas Foundation Hardship Program (MFHP). By removing financial barriers, York Tech can provide quality education to its students. Serving over 5,000 students annually, many have experienced economic disadvantages that may hinder student success.

"Student success is a top priority at York Technical College, and we are keenly aware of the financial barriers that can impede a student's success," said Kerri McGuire, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement. "Through this grant, eligible students can receive assistance to support a variety of unanticipated financial needs that might have otherwise meant them walking away from their college and career goals, either temporarily or permanently."

York Tech will work directly with the Counseling and Support Services department to determine 50 students to receive MFHP awards up to $1,000 per semester. Eligibility for the MFHP will be determined based on the student's FAFSA on file. "The availability of such resources truly helps York Technical College deliver on our commitment to student success by mitigating immediate financial challenges to help our students persist through completion of their academic goals," McGuire said.

York Technical College provides affordable education to surrounding communities. Degree, certificate, and diploma programs. These programs are designed to create a thriving environment for the students.

About the Merancas Foundation's Mission and Vision
Merancas Foundation's mission is to impact the local community by investing in nonprofits that support those in crisis, provide pathways for adults to achieve self-sufficiency, and help children reach their greatest potential. Our vision is a community where living in or near poverty are empowered to reach their greatest potential and have a life.