• Career Opportunities at York Technical College

    Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at York Technical College. We are excited that you have selected York Technical College to begin or to continue your career. In order for us to fully consider you for available opportunities, it is essential that your applicant file includes a completed application, a cover letter, and resume if applicable, as well as all other required forms included on the Human Resources web page. If you have already submitted a letter of application and a resume, it is not necessary to include additional copies. If we do not receive the completed on-line application, your file is considered incomplete and inactive and will not be reviewed further. 

  • To help you successfully complete the application process, please note the following:

    • If you are applying for a full-time faculty or staff position, York Technical College uses Neo-Gov, the South Carolina State government electronic applicant tracking system. 

    • If you are applying for any other type of position, please complete the York Technical College application.

    • The application form must be filled out completely, and the position for which you are applying should be listed. The required forms mentioned in the above paragraph must be attached to your online application, submitted by e-mail, or faxed to the Human Resources Department.

    • All questions should be answered completely, and all periods of employment and/or unemployment should be included. Please do not leave questions blank unless they do not apply to you.

    • Be specific and accurate in answering all questions. The complete employer name, address, telephone number, supervisor's name, number of hours worked, and specific job duties are very important in the evaluation of your application.

    • If you are applying for more than one (1) position at the same time, an application must be completed for each vacancy.

    • Unofficial transcripts may be accepted to determine your eligibility for consideration for the opening. An official transcript for each degree you list on the application is required if you are selected for hire. This applies to any associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree. High School transcripts are not required. Transcripts Request forms are included on the web site: Official transcripts must be mailed to:  Human Resources Department, York Technical College, 452 S. Anderson Rd., Rock Hill, SC  29730. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request official transcripts.

    • You may also view our annual Campus Security Report as well on this site. 
  • Open Positions Faculty/Staff/Unclassified

    Click on position title to view job notice.

    Title Type of Position   Closing Date                              Status                                                    Apply
    Alumni & Development Associate  Staff  Closed Reviewing Applications Closed                                                                        
    Biology Instructor   Faculty  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Building Grounds Specialist I- Custodial Services/Facilities  Staff  Closed Reviewing Applications Closed 
    College Recruiter (Student Services Program Coordinator I) Staff  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Associate Dean- Institute for Teaching Excellence  Staff  Closed Reviewing Applications Closed 
    Dental Technology Instructor   Faculty  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Department Chair for MathematicsFaculty Closed Reviewing Applications Closed 
    Director for Advancement Services & Operations   Staff Closed Interviewing Closed
    Engineering Graphics Technology (CAD) Instructor            Faculty  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Federal Work Study/Financial Aid Counselor Staff March 28, 2019 Accepting Applications Apply 
    Financial Aid Counselor (Student Services Program Coordinator II) Staff  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Information Technology Instructor Faculty  Closed Interviewing Closed
    Line Worker Program Instructor  Faculty April 21, 2019 Accepting Applications Apply
    Marketing & Communications Coordinator   Staff Closed Interviewing Closed
    Nutrition Specialist (Food Service Specialist II)  Staff  Closed Filled Closed
    Program Manager (Teacher) Faculty  Closed Filled Closed
    Psychology Instructor Faculty Closed Reviewing Applications Closed 
    Teacher Assistant Staff March 28, 2019Accepting ApplicationsApply
    Trades Specialist II  Staff  Closed Reviewing Applications Closed
    Trades Specialist V (HVAC/Multi-Craft Technician)  Staff  Closed Interviewing Closed 
    Truck Driver TrainingFaculty ClosedInterviewingClosed 
    Welding Instructor  Faculty  Closed Reviewing Applications Closed
  • Internal Employees Only

    (Only York Technical College Employees or Employees of the SC Technical College Systems can apply).

    Please print the application and mail or hand deliver it to the Human Resources Department. You will not be able to e-mail this application.



    Type    Closing Date      Status                                 Apply          
    Administrative Specialist II- CASS/Student Engagement Division Staff ClosedReviewing ApplicationsApply

  • Open Positions Temporary/Part-Time

    Click on the position to view the job notice.


            Type                                                                  Closing Date                                        Status                                                          


    Adjunct Automobile Driver Training School Instructor  Temporary/Part Time       Closed    Reviewing Applications     Closed 
    Adjunct Economics Instructor  Temporary/Part Time       April 1, 2019    Accepting Applications    Apply
    Adjunct Psychology Instructor  Temporary/Part Time       Closed     Reviewing Applications    Closed 
    Adjunct Sociology Instructor  Temporary/Part Time       Closed     Reviewing Applications    Closed
    Adjunct Spanish Instructor    Temporary/Part Time         Closed     Reviewing Applications      Closed
    Corporate & Continuing Education Instructor (CNC Machine Service)   Time Limited/Full Time        Closed     Filled     Closed
    Part-Time Customer Service Specialist   Temporary/Full Time        March 31, 2019     Accepting Applications     Apply
    Part-Time Proctor     Temporary/Part Time         Closed     Filled     Closed                 
    Part-Time Teacher Assistant- Floater/Sub    Temporary/Part Time         March 31, 2019     Accepting Applications     Apply

    Explore other Job Opportunities for the State of South Carolina (You will be directed away from York Technical College's website.  You will be required to complete a different application.)


    Only York Technical College students interested in Work-Study opportunities should complete an application.  Please visit to view open work-study positions.  Once you have determined a position(s) please complete the Work-Study application.  PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH POSITION(S) YOU ARE APPLYING FOR ON THE APPLICATION.  Please print the form and mail or hand deliver it to the Financial Aid Department.  You will not be able to e-mail this application.