• General FAQs

    What is the difference between D2L and WebAdvisor?

    • D2L is the College's learning management system that you will use as you participate in your classes and for college email.
    • WebAdvisor is the College's information management system that you will use for academic and financial information.
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    How do I contact Technical Support?

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    Which web browsers work best with D2L?

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    Finding your course in D2L

    Why don’t I see my course?

    • Look under “My Courses” to find your course links. If you have extra tabs, click on them (for example, Student, Teleclass). Courses for which you are registered may appear under different tabs.
    • Click on any arrows ( down_arrow ) to the right of a department name or semester.
    • If you still don’t see your course, check the starting date of the course. It may not be active.
    • If you are still unable to find your course, call Technical Support.
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    Getting Started

    Now that I’m in my course, how do I get started?

    • Read the News (center of your home screen).
    • If you see “No items found” on your home screen, this does not mean you don’t have anything in the course. It simply means the instructor hasn’t posted a News item.
    • If you click on Content and nothing is there, read the News to see what you should do first. Many instructors release the Content of their courses only after you have taken a quiz, posted a discussion item, or submitted an item in a Dropbox. After doing the exercise, the Content is released.
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    Why can’t I send or receive emails?

    • Your email is limited to 4 megabytes of space, if you are a student, and 20 megabytes if you are a current instructor. To ensure that you can send and receive your emails, make sure to delete old emails, empty your trash, and empty your sent mail that you no longer need.
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    Why can't I open/download Content files?

    • You may not have the correct software. On your "My Home" page in D2L, look for "College Resources and Information." All of the required software downloads to view your materials are located under "Downloads."
    • Check your pop-up blockers and make sure to turn them off. You may have several pop-up blockers on your computer. Make sure your virus check, search bar, and internet browser pop-up blockers are all off.
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    Why can't I view some content files? I just saw them yesterday.

    • A new update for Firefox has recently been released blocking mixed content. To learn more how to remove the block, click this link: Firefox Mixed Content Fix
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    Why can’t I open assignment files from the Dropbox?

    • You may not have the correct software. On your "My Home" page in D2L, look for "College Resources and Information." All of the required software downloads to view your materials are located under "Downloads."
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    I know I uploaded my assignment, but why didn’t my instructor get it?

    • In order for your instructor to receive your assignment, you must click Submit button button in the lower right of the dropbox assignment screen.
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    Should I keep the dropbox receipt?

    • Yes. Your dropbox receipt is the only proof that you will have to show that you submitted your assignment.
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    Why should I bother to save my quiz answers? Doesn't D2L save them automatically?

    • D2L only saves your answers if there is more than one page. If there is only one page and you do not save, then your answers will be lost. Anything can happen, such as a power outage, so as a precaution, you should save them as you answer them.
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    I clicked on the quiz, but it is asking for a password. How do I get the password?

    • If a password is requested, then you must take the quiz in the Assessment Center.
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    Web 100

    I've completed Web100, but I still can't register for an online class.

    • Students register themselves into Web100 through the Self-registration link in D2L. Scores are processed according to the times below. Anyone who registers for Web100 or completes the course after the specified time will be processed during the next time listed. Scores are processed by 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. on normal business days.
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