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Tobacco-Use Guidelines

York Technical College has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthful environment. In response to feedback from students, faculty, and staff, the College implemented the tobacco-use guidelines below effective September 1, 2010.Revised: June 2014

Tobacco-Use Guideline: The use of tobacco products is permitted only within the passenger compartment of personal vehicles. York Technical College prohibits the use of all tobacco products in any form elsewhere on campus and in college vehicles.

Clarification of Prohibited Areas: Tobacco use is prohibited in all campus buildings, including shops and restrooms; at all off-campus centers; at off-campus college-sponsored activities; and in all York Technical College vehicles.  Additionally, tobacco use is prohibited on campus grounds (except in the passenger compartment of personal vehicles), in all partially enclosed areas such as covered walkways, and on curbs and public road right-of-ways.

Definition of Tobacco Products: Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco.

College Position on E-Cigarettes (Vaping): E-cigarettes are distracting to the educational process, and therefore, are not allowed in any campus buildings. The use of e-cigarettes at outdoor locations on campus triggers constant approaches from Public Safety Officers, faculty, staff, and students in an effort to inform students of the tobacco-free guidelines. Since it is not evident, from a distance, if the cigarette is tobacco-free or not, you are encouraged to be in the passenger compartment of your personal vehicle to be in compliance with the spirit of the policy. E-cigarettes are not currently considered a violation of the tobacco-free guidelines; however, if use of e-cigarettes becomes a disruption on the campus, the disruption will be addressed and the guidelines may be modified to address this situation further.

Disposal: Ashtrays and smoking shelters will not be provided on campus grounds. Prospects, students, and employees are expected to dispose of the residue from their tobacco products safely and appropriately in their vehicles.

Monitoring: Public Safety will advise individuals who are not in compliance with the College's tobacco-use guidelines to dispose of their tobacco products appropriately. Any observed student violations of the tobacco-use guidelines should be reported immediately to the Public Safety Office (803) 327-8013. Any observed employee violations should be reported to the employee's direct supervisor.

Warnings: Visitors on campus will be issued warning citations if they violate the tobacco-use guidelines. Students and employees will not receive warnings.  They will be issued citations for offenses as they are expected to know and comply with the tobacco-use guidelines.

Violations: South Carolina's Clean Indoor Air Act of 1990 cites violation of the act as a misdemeanor which, upon conviction, results in a fine. Tobacco use in prohibited areas is also punishable by fines and/or disciplinary action.

Fines: The issuance of a fine is at the discretion of the Public Safety Office.  Students and employees who violate the tobacco-use guidelines will be fined $25 for each offense.

Appeals: Students who think that they have been issued a citation which is not in accordance with the tobacco-use guidelines may appeal to the Dean for Students Office.

Disciplinary Action: Students who habitually violate the tobacco-use guidelines will be referred to the Dean for Students Office for possible disciplinary action. Employees who habitually violate the tobacco-use guidelines will be referred to their supervisors for progressive disciplinary action.

Cooperation: Effective implementation of these guidelines depends upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of all members of the York Technical College community.

Educational Programs: York Technical College will provide programs to help students and employees stop using tobacco products. These tobacco treatment programs will be publicized on the College's website and in student and employee communications.

Comments: If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this information, please contact the Dean for Students, at 803-327-847.

For more information as well as free programs and resources to help you stop using tobacco, visit

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LAST UPDATED: 06/23/14

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