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NEW!!! Applied Technology Skills for High Performance Work Teams 

This 60-hour course is an introductory program modeled on the certificate offered by the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council for Production Technicians.  This class aims to produce more highly-trained production technicians who can function in a multi-craft, team-based culture.  Will be offered as a public registration or contract and pre-employment for corporate clients.  Fall dates and times to be announced.  Check back!! 

Industrial Courses

Welding: Beginners to Advanced

#IND 1035 (needed for registration)

An open-ended course for beginning to advanced students in welding. Instruction is based upon individual needs/desires. Enrollment is limited.
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Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers

#IND 1156 (needed for registration)

Course designed to teach the fundamentals of the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and basics of programming.
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Basic Motor Control Circuits

#IND 1173 (needed for registration)

Course covers use of schematic diagrams to include troubleshooting procedures for control circuits and combination starters and explains troubleshooting practices.
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Basic Hydraulic Principles

#IND 1174 (needed for registration)

A description of hydraulic principles and the various components that make up a complete system beginning with hydraulic fluid and progressing through the various mechanical components.
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Basics of Supply Chain Management

#IND 1056 (needed for registration)

This course serves as an overview of the fundamental knowledge areas involved in the management of supply chain such as planning, forecasting, inventory, JIT, etc and prepares the student for one portion of the CPIM exam.
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Master Planning of Resources

#IND 1150 (needed for registration)

This course covers the sales and operations planning process used to develop forecasts and production plans, then focuses on the master scheduling process.
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Detailed Scheduling and Planning

#IND 1155 (needed for registration)

The subject matter of this module includes inventory management, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, procurement and supplier relationship.
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Execution and Control of Operations

#IND 1175 (needed for registration)

The principles approaches, and techniques needed to schedule, control, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of production operations are covered in this module. A broad range of production operations are reviewed including project, batch, line, continuous, and remanufacturing environments.
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Strategic Management of Resources

#Call for course number (needed for registration)

To explore the relationship of existing and emerging processes and technologies to manufacturing strategy and supply chain related functions. The course addresses the three main topics; aligning resources with the strategic plan, and implementing change.
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DOT Safety

#IND 1157 (needed for registration)

Course provides general awareness of shipping and handling of hazardous materials including labels, safe work practices and procedures.
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10-Hour OSHA General Industry

#IND 1078 (needed for registration)

Learn basic skills and knowledge in areas such as locating and applying OSHA standards to the workplace, supplementing an ongoing safety and health program, identifying common violations of OSHA standards and abatement actions and procedures.
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Hazwoper Refresher (8-hour)

#IND 1066 (needed for registration)

This course includes updates of state and federal regulations, site entry and control, hazardous materials, handling and emergency response procedures.
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NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace

#IND 1210 (needed for registration)

This course is designed to review the changes between the NFPA 70E 2004 guidelines and the newly issued 2009 guidelines concerning electrical safety in the workplace.
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#IND 1189 (needed for registration)

This course is part of a partnership with the SC National Safety Council. This course is intended for those team leaders, middle managers, human resources personnel, safety and health committee members, and other employees who have recently been appointed to safety and health responsibilities or are seeking knowledge about the Lockout/Tagout OSHA regulations.
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Confined Spaces

#IND 1190 (needed for registration)

This course is part of a partnership with the SC National Safety Council. Through discussion and activities our professional facilitator will break down the regulation into terms students can understand. In this four hours you will learn practices and procedures that will keep you in compliance and best of all protect your employees.
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On-Site Only Courses

Confined Space Rescue

This 16-hour course includes information and hands-on skill training in confined space standards, hazard assessment for confined space rescue, air monitoring instruments, respiratory protection, rescue equipment, and patient assessment.
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Disaster Site Worker Training

OSHA designed training that prepares utility, construction, fire and rescue workers to respond to man-made and natural disasters.
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Environmental Compliance Training

Refrigerant Recovery

#IND 1101 (needed for registration)

Students will prepare for the Refrigerant Recovery certification exam, an EPA requirement for refrigerant technicians. They will also be given the opportunity to take the exam following the preparation study.
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Licensed Pool Operator

#IND 1153 (needed for registration)

This course provides the basic information required to operate a pool or spa in compliance with DHEC regulations and prepares the operator to take the SC State examination to become a licensed pool or spa operator.
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Online Water/Wastewater Treatment Recertification Courses

The following courses will be offered online, allowing students to study for recertification credit at their convenience. Contact John McGill at jmcgill@yorktech.com, 803-981-7329. Courses are Water Biology, Introduction to Water Treatment Processes, and Wastewater Characteristics, Treatment and Collection.
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